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Garden provides fast and easy integration testing for cloud native Kubernetes applications and microservices.
When (test) failure
is not an option
Fast integration tests in a production-like testing environment
For cloud native applications, integration testing has been cut out of the development process. Not because it isn’t valuable–but because it isn’t viable. It’s too resource intensive. Too much manual work. Too slow. Too unstable.
With fast integration tests, developers get reliable feedback when they need it the most. They spend less time debugging. Less time waiting. More time coding. More time shipping.
Easy and efficient
integration tests
With Garden, any developer can run integration tests in an ephemeral, namespaced testing environment on a shared cluster.
No need for mocking or stubbing – a Garden testing environment captures the complete configuration of an application, making it possible to test reliably before merging a PR.
Developers get immediate feedback and can fix issues quickly and efficiently.
Learn how it works in the documentation.
Blazing fast
test runs
Garden only tests the parts of your stack that have changed–meaning integration tests that are faster than ever.
Works With
Your CI
Use Garden on its own or with your existing CI pipeline. Run automated tests with every pull request.
No need to change your workflow on our behalf. Use the testing tools and frameworks that are best for your team.
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