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Preview environments from Garden provide a production-like environment for QA and review of cloud native Kubernetes applications.
Preview Environments
for QA & Code Review
With every PR, spin up a production-like preview environment for realistic manual QA and review.
From mobile & web developers who need a test backend while working on client applications, to complex UI functionality requiring manual QA, there are steps in every pipeline that can’t be covered by automated testing.
To move beyond, “Well, it works on my machine,” tooling teams must enable developers and QA engineers to manually test and review in a production-like preview environment–dependencies and all.
QA & Review
with garden
With every PR, automatically spin up an ephemeral, namespaced preview environment in a shared cluster for manual QA and reviews. Run many preview environments concurrently.
Developers working on web and mobile applications can spin up ad hoc test backends that behave like production.
A Garden preview environment captures the complete configuration of an application, meaning that you can test and review as if you were in production.
Preview environments reflect a specific branch, making it easy to find and focus on the changes that need testing.
Learn how it works in the documentation.
Open a PR to spin up a preview environment. Close the PR to tear it down. No help from DevOps required.
No more wasting money on idle hardware. Namespacing makes it easy for developers to share a single cluster.
Many users can share the same environment, ensuring a consistent testing & review experience for teams.
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