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Kubernetes provides production-like testing environments for Kubernetes and cloud native development.

Let laptops
be laptops

Make it easy for developers to spin up production-like environments in shared, remote clusters.
Cloud native applications with many services and dependencies weren't meant to run on a laptop. Neither were Docker and Kubernetes. It's slow and cumbersome, and it makes troubleshooting pretty much impossible.
Developers need an easy way to spin up an isolated, reproducible, production-like environment in a shared, remote cluster. And to say goodbye to their jungle of bash scripts for something better.

In-cluster development
with garden

Spin up your own remote development instance of any project, complete with all dependencies. No more Docker and Kubernetes on your laptop.
With a single command, run a full suite of integration tests against your development environment. Get fast feedback anytime you need it.
Garden captures the complete configuration of an application, so you can run the same tests as your CI pipeline – and you can trust the results.
Learn how it works in the documentation.


Work directly in a remote cluster while still getting fast feedback. No need for Docker and Kubernetes on your laptop.


With Garden, fast integration tests are available at a developer’s fingertips. No help from DevOps required.


Let developers focus on their services without having to deal with complex dependencies and configuration files.

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