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why garden
We started Garden to reclaim the simplicity we enjoyed as developers before the microservices and cloud native era.
What exactly are we talking about when we say “simplicity”?
Structure, where the relationship between every part of the system is explicitly codified and easily understood. When you make a breaking change, you immediately get feedback so that you can fix it and move on.
Consistency throughout every step of the development process. An application shouldn’t behave differently in development vs. testing vs. CI just because different teams are responsible for each environment.
Productivity, in the most satisfying sense of the word: knowing that you’re spending your time improving your application and doing what’s most important for your organization. No repetitive plumbing work. No piecing together context from disjointed READMEs and bash scripts. No waiting for feedback from slow CI pipelines.
Kubernetes and other cloud native technologies have made it easier than ever to scale and operate distributed applications. But the day-to-day development process—from environment management, to testing, to QA and code review—has been neglected along the way.
As microservices become ever more micro, with more dependencies and more overhead, we hear developers saying, “I want my monolith back.”
We believe what they really want back is an uncomplicated, fast-moving development process, where they can focus on developing.
Even as “every company becomes a software company,” developers still waste a huge amount of time on low-value operational work. Or waiting for feedback. Or troubleshooting discrepancies between the different environments they work with. Or trying to figure out configuration details that shouldn’t be their responsibility in the first place. It’s expensive, and it’s unnecessary.
That’s where development automation comes in. Development automation means more than just the “inner loop” developer experience.
It means removing the imaginary dotted lines between development, testing, and CI by using the same configuration and workflows at every step of the process.
It means spinning up a production-like environment in a remote cluster with a single command and never having to write another custom script just to be able to start coding.
It means rapid feedback loops that allow devs to experiment and iterate without hours spent waiting on test runs.
It means reducing the cognitive load that’s been placed on developers so they can focus on what really matters to your business.
It means a development process that is structured, consistent, and productive. Just the way you remember it.
With Garden, you get a development automation platform that is:
Scalable: Both technically and operationally. Garden’s optimized builds and test runs are probably at least 80% faster than what you’re used to. And our decentralized approach to configuration means it’s easy to manage projects of all sizes, even really big ones.
Extensible: Lots of users depend on Garden to build and test Kubernetes applications. But Kubernetes isn’t for everyone. Garden was designed with pluggability in mind and can support other container orchestrators, serverless frameworks, and more.
Open source: Get started right away and be part of an active community. No need to talk to sales if you don’t want to. And if you decide you’re ready for an enterprise edition, .
Think Garden might be what you’re looking for? or get started with the open source Garden Core.
Or ask us a question via the chat window in the bottom right corner of our site. We’d love to hear from you.
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