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Our garden is growing. We've raised a Series A funding round.
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testing before CI

Catch errors fast with testing during development and elegant test caching.
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Never commit broken code

Stop the endless cycle of commit, push, wait. With Garden, you can run the same tests that you use in CI during development. By the time code gets to CI, it’s just a formality.

Make testing 80% faster with smart caching

Garden speeds up CI pipelines by selectively retesting and rebuilding only the parts of your stack that have changed. For remote environments, the test results are stored at the cluster level so that the entire team can share the cached results.
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Increase test coverage

First-class support for testing with e2e testing primitives built into the framework. Run a full suite of tests from a local command for reduced change failure rate and mean time to recovery.
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Run automated tests with every PR

Use triggered workflows to spin up an environment and run automated end-to-end and integration tests with every PR.
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Improve collaboration

Easy end-to-end testing before push means less back and forth between QA and product engineering. And realistic preview environments get everyone on the same page before production.
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Iterate rapidly (and happily)

Faster feedback cycles means a better developer experience.
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How Luminovo uses Garden to run integrations tests locally

When they were moving to Kubernetes, Luminovo was looking for a way to stay productives. Now they use Garden to run tests locally and iterate on tests as they code.
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There’s nothing better that I’m aware of for Kubernetes development.
Tomas Ostasevicius
Software engineer

Describe your system once

Use one configuration across dev, CI, and prod.
Bring dev and CI closer together

Work with tools you already love

Garden fits into your existing set up – we’re just filling in the gaps between tools.
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Get insights into your delivery cycle

Garden Insights provides analytics for build, test, deploy and tasks executed by Garden. Keep an eye on useful metrics like build times and test suite failures to identify friction points as they occur with a historical record.
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