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Our garden is growing. We've raised a Series A funding round.
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Accelerate your
CI pipelines

Create portable, lightweight pipelines that work the same on your local machine as they do in CI.
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The fact that the CI/CD pipeline runs the same on my machine, your machine, the cloud is a big draw.
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Dan Taylor
Developer at Open Energy Market
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How Garden makes writing and running pipelines

Before Garden vs. with Garden

Writing pipelines
Difficult-to-write pipelines:
Write each step of the CI pipeline hand.
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Tedious test iteration: Repeatedly rerun the entire pipeline for every change.
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Brittle pipelines: Break things whenever you change/add steps or restructure the pipeline.
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Easy-to-write (and clear) pipelines: Declaratively describe your stack in terms of build, deploy, test, run.
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Iterate at the speed of thought: Only rerun changed steps with smart test caching.
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Dynamic pipelines: Adjust without fear! No need to change your CI config when you change your stack.
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Running pipelines
Siloed pipeline: Your CI system is the only way to reliably build and deploy a realistic instance of your project.
Staging environment bottlenecks: No reliable, automated way to create a one-off environment from scratch.
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Commit, push, wait: Wait for entire pipelines to be rerun even for the smallest changes.
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Portable pipeline: Run Garden anywhere. Build, deploy and test from your laptop or your CI pipeline.
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Ephemeral environment bliss: Spin up production-like environments as needed.
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Accelerated pipelines: Version every build, deploy, and test step in your pipeline to rebuild, deploy, or test only changed code.
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My experience with Garden has been fantastic.
It delivers on its promise of being a single blueprint for your services, handling build and deployment dependencies alike. It makes managing deployments to your various environments (prod, dev, QA, etc) simple.
Nathaniel Lattimer
Senior Security Engineer
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Your CI/CD pipeline as code
Codify your stack with YAML declarations that describe how your system is built, deployed, and tested to create a portable blueprint that can run in CI or on your local machine.
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How Podium uses Garden to manage a complex stack
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