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Our garden is growing. We've raised a Series A funding round.
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Jump-start your internal developer platform

Garden bridges the gap between your infrastructure and your dev tooling, orchestrating your Dockerfiles, Helm charts, and Terraform configs in accelerated, portable pipelines that run everywhere.
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Garden bridges the gap between your infrastructure and your dev tooling

What it does

Whenever you deploy or test your project, Garden determines what resources and configurations are required for a workload to run and then automatically deploys them in dependency order.
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Create one source of truth

Garden’s portable pipelines work the same in development and CI, simplifying and centralizing configuration in one source of truth.
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Empower developers

Developers self-service production-like environments with one command, run any kind of test from their local machine, and onboard in hours.
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Manage complexity

Garden glues together your tools, abstracting away complexity for developers while giving full control to platform engineers.

How it works

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Standardize config

Use short & sweet YAML declarations to define how your system is built, deployed, and tested. Garden uses these definitions to create an executable dependency graph which can be deployed anywhere.
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executable dependency graph
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Tie together the different parts of your system.
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Build, deploy, and test any subset of services in a dependency-aware way.
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Tailor settings for different environments (dev, staging, preview, etc.).
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Automate deployments, builds, and tests

Garden automates deployments from source to finish. But unlike typical deployment management tools, it also automates builds and tests. This eliminates manual labor and creates consistency so you never have to wonder if it’s the pipeline or the code.
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Accelerate feedback loops

Pipelines run even faster with smart build and test caching. Developers run any kind of test from their local machine, allowing them to rapidly iterate in the inner loop. By the time code gets to CI, it’s just a formality.

How it fits into your internal developer platform

Whether its called by developers from their local machine or from CI, Garden handles the configuration management of your Dockerfiles, Helm charts, Terraform configs (and whatever else) in portable pipelines that can be deployed to your own infrastructure.
deployed Garden to your own infrastructure
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My experience with Garden has been fantastic. It delivers on its promise of being a single blueprint for your services, handling build and deployment dependencies alike. It makes managing deployments to your various environments (prod, dev, QA, etc) simple.
Nathaniel Lattimer
Senior Security Engineer
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