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Our garden is growing. We've raised a Series A funding round.
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Shift testing left

Developers can spin up ephemeral testing environments in seconds and run e2e tests in minutes — from their laptop or in CI.
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We now deploy and end-to-end test 130 services, hundreds of times per day. We could not have done that without Garden.
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Drew Bowman
Sr. Software Engineering Manager
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How Garden speeds up
testing on K8s

You’ve added some nifty updates to the code base. Time to test!
⏳ Testing before Garden
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Wait for a single staging or test environment, where it’s difficult to validate changes in isolation.
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Wait for entire pipelines to be run, even for the smallest changes.
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Test changes by pushing to git and waiting.
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Find out a test is broken and start the whole process again.
✨ Testing with Garden
Spin up production-like ephemeral environments for testing with single command.
With smart test caching, Garden only tests changed code.
Deploy services and run any test from your laptop to get fast feedback as you work.
Use the same tool and commands in dev and CI so you know your code will fly through CI before you push.
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Send flawless code to production. ✨ Huzzah! ✨
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How Slite empowers developers with on-demand environments

Our developers are autonomous, and they’re more confident about what they ship, because they’ve tested thoroughly in a production-like setting.
Arnaud Rinquin,
Senior developer at Slite
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Test early and often in realistic environments

Spin up a proper production-like environment for each test run to catch real-world issues before your users do.
Ephemeral environments
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Accelerate pipelines with focused testing

Garden versions every build, deploy, and test step in your pipeline, so it knows when a step can be safely skipped.
Build and test cache
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Debug faster with better, structured logs

Stop wading through massive plaintext logs in CI to figure out why something went wrong. Garden logs each build, service, and test run in an intuitive UI.
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Automate tests with every PR

Spin up an environment and run end-to-end and integration tests with every PR, then spin the environments down automatically.
Garden workflows
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Write your test pipeline as code

Codify your stack with YAML declarations so you can easily write and iterate tests.
CI pipelines
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