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cloud developerswaste a lot of time

Let's fix that.

Garden is a hybrid: a Kubernetes development tool and an automation engine that builds, tests, and deploys your application.

Spin up production-like environments on demand, quickly iterate on your code and tests, and speed up your pipeline—all with one platform.

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Deploying a Remote Kubernetes Development Environment with Garden

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We use Garden to provide more than 50 engineers with an isolated development environment in a shared Kubernetes cluster. Our team can develop their microservices remotely and more quickly test changes and iterate on their services in a production-like environment.

Mitchell Friedman

Software Engineer, OakNorth

For Application Developers:
What would you do with an extra day every week?

  • Get production-like environments on demand. No scripting required.
  • Run tests while you code and get fast feedback.
  • No more git commit, push, wait, rinse, repeat.
  • Stop thinking about Kubernetes and just build.

For DevOps, SREs, and Platform Teams:
A single tool that covers every step of the process

  • Spend less time maintaining custom internal tooling.
  • Eliminate environment and configuration drift.
  • Speed up pipelines with smart build and test caches.
  • Simplify secrets and user management.

For Managers and Team Leads:
Wish your teams could be faster and happier?

  • Keep your developers focused and productive.
  • Avoid cloud and vendor lock-in.
  • Test better and create higher quality software.
  • Simplify onboarding. Get new devs up and running fast.
stop wasting timesolving solved problems.
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