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Garden automates the repetitive parts of your workflow to make developing for Kubernetes and cloud faster and easier.

No need to run Docker or Kubernetes on your laptop. Fast, in-cluster builds. Use the same commands and config for dev and CI.


An iterative compiler for your whole backend.

Spin up your development environment with one command. Your services are continuously built and tested as your code changes. Use the same toolset to develop containers, functions, and anything tomorrow might bring.

No need to run Docker or Minikube or your machine.

Develop and test rapidly whether your cluster is local or remote. Use shared dev clusters to scale out your dev environment as needed.

Develop in your private namespace, sharing build caches and test results with your team and CI.

Run the same tests in development and CI.

Garden lets you run integration tests as part of the 'inner loop' of your development cycle, without stubbing or mocking services.

Catch bugs the moment they're introduced, not after waiting for a CI pipeline to finish. Then run exactly the same workflows in CI after you push your code.

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The stack graph

Say goodbye to complicated bash scripts, manual stepping through READMEs and other unstructured workflows.

With the stack graph, each part of your system fully codifies its dependencies, and how to build, test and deploy itself—in a consistent, structured manner.

Garden then compiles the graph from your specs, even across multiple repositories.

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Build, test and develop in a shared development cluster

With Garden, you can develop as rapidly against remote clusters as you can locally.

Use the editor you like, while Garden handles the heavy lifting in a remote development cluster. No more 'works on my machine': standardize the way your team develops code without sacrificing flexibility. Share a build cache and test results with the rest of your team, as well as your CI system.

First-class support for Kubernetes and Helm

Garden supports and works alongside industry-standard tooling—while remaining decoupled and pluggable—so you don’t need to worry about lock-in, compatibility, or future-proofing.

Write code the way you want

Garden imposes no runtime libraries, gateways or production systems.

Simply configure your stack graph next to your code, and enjoy improved developer experience, quality and collaboration across your organization.

ready to get started?

Head to our GitHub repository or to our documentation to learn how to get started with Garden for your project.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out through the #garden channel on Kubernetes Slack. We’d love to hear from you, and we’d really appreciate your feedback!

If you’d like to set up a time to get a personal demo, please use the contact form to the right. We’re happy to chat and see if Garden is a good fit for you.

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