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the automation platform
for cloud native

Break down the barriers between development, testing, and CI.
Use the same workflows and production-like Kubernetes environments
at every step of the process.

Consistent configuration

Use the same configuration for dev, testing, and CI environments. Create a predictable & reliable pipeline.

Environments on demand

Developers and testers can spin up (and tear down) environments on demand–no DevOps support or custom scripting required.

First-class testing

Test early and test often. Write proper integration and end-to-end tests and run them whenever you need to.
used by
We use Garden to provide more than 50 engineers with an isolated development environment in a shared Kubernetes cluster. Our team can develop their microservices remotely and more quickly test changes and iterate on their services in a production-like environment.
Mitchell Friedman
Software Engineer, OakNorth

Remote Development

Run integration tests and get stack-aware feedback as you code. And do it all from a remote development cluster. No more Docker & Kubernetes on your laptop.
Garden provides production-like environments for Kubernetes development.
Garden provides production-like preview environments for QA and review of Kubernetes applications.

QA & Code Review

With every PR, spin up a production-like preview
environment for reliable QA and code review.

Integration Testing

Forget about stubs and mocks. Run proper
integration tests, and run them easily and
Garden provides fast and easy integration testing for Kubernetes applications.

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