Garden is an open-source development engine for Kubernetes, containers and serverless backends, designed to make it easy to test and develop distributed systems.
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Over the last decade, server-side development has changed immensely.
This has partly been driven by evolving needs and by the rapid proliferation of new technologies like containers.
Scaling out has become increasingly simple and cost-effective, and managing production systems is easier than ever. So much so, that the notion of DevOps has caught on — if ops is so easy, why not have the developers do it themselves?
The promise of it all is great: microservices, immutable infrastructure, continuous integration and deployment make operating multi-service systems easier than it's ever been.
Problem is, all this tends to come at the expense of application developer productivity. In embracing these new technologies and tools, we’ve over-optimized for ops, and in turn made it more difficult and tedious to work on the actual application code.
What we need is a new generation of development tools.
We truly believe that it’s possible to not only reclaim the rapid feedback loops we’re used to when developing individual services, but to go further and leverage the benefits of modern backend platforms to make development easier and faster than ever.


How does Garden work?

The Garden development engine is designed from the ground up to make developing, managing and testing multi-service backend systems faster and easier.
Garden provides a development environment where any changes to your code are live-built, tested, and deployed.
Think of Garden as the missing layer on top of your infrastructure tools, that focuses purely on the developer experience, makes it trivial to work across multiple platforms, and closes the gap between operations and application development.

You focus on code that’s important to you, and Garden deals with running tests and keeping your development environment running and up-to-date.
With Garden you can…
Configure and deploy a fleet of services to a Kubernetes cluster using simple declarations.
Use an integrated framework for building, testing and deploying services.
Easily run end-to-end tests across multiple services without waiting for a slow CI pipeline.
Automatically build, deploy and/or test when your code changes.
Manage build, test and runtime dependencies across all your services.
Leverage a suite of commands and helpers to facilitate developing and running your stack.

Write code the way you want, and run your production system however suits you.

So why haven’t you heard about us yet?

Garden is in alpha, and is developing quickly. Garden may already be highly useful if the following applies to you:
You’re deploying or transitioning to Kubernetes.
You work mostly with containers today.
You really don’t want to spend your precious hours building your own developer tooling.

Are you as excited as we are?

Head to our ‘Getting Started’ guide for details on how to set up and use Garden, or look through our ‘Simple Project’ guide to get a quick sense of how it works.

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Or better still, we’d love to hear how Garden could support you. So let us give you a one-to-one demo.

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Garden was born from a professional need, and it’s grown through a shared belief and vision.
We’re really excited to be backed by some incredible investors. People you will know that understand the problem and have been a great sounding board and guidance for us.

Fredrik Bergenlid

Partner and CTO at Fly Ventures

Garden’s approach, to provide a new generation of developer tools and a platform that is designed from the ground up to serve this new technology shift, puts them in a unique position to play an essential role in the developer toolchain of the future.

Nat Friedman

Co-Founder/CEO Xamarin. VP Developer Services at Microsoft.

Renaud Visage

Co-Founder at Eventbrite.

Chad Fowler

CTO, author and speaker.

Hampus Jakobsson

Venture Partner at BlueYard.

David Helgason

Founder of Unity.

…and several other industry leaders


System One
Fly ventures


At Garden, we’re passionate about creating a safe, diverse, and inclusive work environment. We’re a growing team with big plans, located in the heart of Berlin.
If better workflows for distributed systems is your passion then you might be the right fit for our team - and we’re hiring. And if these open roles don’t quite fit you, don’t worry, we’d love to chat anyway.

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