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Our garden is growing. We've raised a Series A funding round.
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How does Garden work?

Garden gives you the fast feedback of local dev and the realism and testing capabilities of higher environments in one tool.
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Here's how:

You codify your stack with YAML declarations that describe how your system is built, deployed, and tested.
Garden uses these definitions to create a Stack Graph—a portable, general-purpose dependency-aware blueprint that allows you to deploy the same production-like environments in development and CI.
You deploy your entire stack in a single command in any environment, selectively rebuilding and retesting only the parts that have changed.

Improve developer experience

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Devs code in production-like environments that run in remote Kubernetes clusters with feedback loops that feel local.

Eliminate configuration drift

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DevOps Engineers cut drift with one config to deploy the whole stack in any environment from dev to QA to production.

Iterate rapidly

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Product and QA can easily access work-in-progress with one-click preview environments.
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What's next?

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