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Our garden is growing. We've raised a Series A funding round.
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  • Use one tool for rapid development and CI automation
  • Integrate your builds, deploys and tests in one framework: the Stack Graph
  • End "works on my machine" problems with production-like environments for every stage
  • Enjoy a great developer experience with an intuitive and powerful web interface
  • Accelerate end-to-end testing by 80% and easily run tests in realistic environment
  • Iterate faster on code by live syncing code into running containers and environments
  • Enjoy the best of both local and remote development by proxying between local processes and remote services
  • Codify your in-house practices with templates, custom commands and workflows
  • Integrations with platforms and tools including Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, Pulumi, custom scripts and more
  • Community support from Discord
  • Free tutorials, videos and guides
  • Garden is built on an open core
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A powerful solution for platform teams
Everything from our community platform, plus powerful enterprise-grade features:
  • *NEW* 30x faster container builds with the Fully managed and integrated Cloud Builder
  • Roll out to your entire organization
  • One-click preview environments let you easily test and demo changes on any branch of code
  • Automatic environment cleanup or pause saves big on infrastructure costs
  • Streaming log viewer lets you troubleshoot with ease
  • Analyze and optimize your workflows with Insights
  • Stay in full control with single-tenant or private hosting
  • Identity management is clear and consistent with single sign-on (SAML 2.0, Google Auth and more)
  • Role-based access controls enable better access
  • Secrets management keeps your keys safe
  • Audit logging to support compliance
  • Hands-on onboarding support and training with our team of experts
  • Multiple SLA options
  • Dedicated account manager
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What's the difference between Garden Community and Garden Enterprise?
Garden Community is built around the open source Garden Core CLI, with a web dashboard and a desktop client (coming soon). It includes all the features an individual developer needs to build and iterate in a realistic, production-like environment, run end-to-end tests and much more.

Garden Enterprise adds a management layer and enterprise-grade features to support large teams of developers or an entire organization. This includes one-click preview environments, automatic environment cleanup and the ability to analyze and optimize your workflows with Insights. You also get identity, roles and secrets management capabilities, customized onboarding and training, and a choice of hosting.
How does pricing work?
Garden Enterprise is designed to grow with your team, enabling adoption by one team of developers and expansion into your whole enterprise. Once you declare your system and dependencies with the Stack Graph, you can replicate it endlessly across your development pipeline. The minimum contract terms is 12 months, with additional discounts for multi-year contracts.
Do you offer special deals for startups or nonprofits?
Yes! We offer reduced per-user pricing for early-stage companies and nonprofits. Simply get in touch with us to learn more.