garden automates the repetitive parts of your workflow to make developing for Kubernetes and cloud faster and easier.

an iterative compiler for your whole backend.

Continuously build and test while you develop. The Stack Graph tells Garden exactly what needs to be updated and tested whenever you make changes.

one command for many platforms.

Deploy containers, functions, Terraform stacks and more with a single command.

Garden is pluggable to work with any type of backend, and allows you to pass information between their configurations.

not just a developer tool.

Use the same tool during development, testing and even when deploying to production.

Avoid drift and duplication in configuration, and simplify your workflows.

Focus on writing code
while garden takes care of the rest.

easy integration testing.

Garden is the only tool in its class that treats tests as first class citizens.

Easily define both unit tests and integration tests with runtime dependencies, including any bootstrapping workflows.

a build system designed for microservices.

Use advanced build features, like copying dependencies across different code module types, and pulling code from remote repos.

let laptops be laptops.

With Garden, you don’t need Docker or Kubernetes on your laptop.

Build images in your remote cluster while developing, but still enjoy fast feedback. You can even share clusters and build caches with your team.

Turn your jungle of bash scripts
into a neatly kept garden.


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