cloud native testing
done right

The Kubernetes testing platform
for every step of the
development process

Blazing fast
test runs

Garden only tests the parts of your stack that have changed–meaning integration tests run much faster.

on demand

Developers can spin up (and tear down) testing environments on demand–no DevOps support required.

Works with
your CI

Use Garden on its own or with your existing CI pipeline. Run automated tests with every pull request.

Integration Testing

Forget about stubs and mocks. Run proper integration tests, and run them easily and efficiently.
Garden provides fast and easy integration testing for Kubernetes applications.
Garden provides production-like preview environments for QA and review of Kubernetes applications.

QA & Review

With every PR, spin up a production-like preview environment for reliable manual QA and review.

Trouble­shooting & Development

Get stack-aware feedback as you code. Fix dependency and integration bugs when it's easiest: during development.
Garden provides production-like testing environments for Kubernetes development.

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