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Garden orchestrates your development workflows to make developing microservices and functions both faster and easier.

Use the stack graph to codify the whole journey from source code, through development, testing and deployment—making it portable, repeatable and consistent across your entire stack.


An iterative compiler for your whole backend

Spin up your stack with a single command. Automatically rebuild, deploy and test as you work on your code. Use a single, pluggable interface to work with multiple services and platforms.

Easily write and run integration tests for your services

Get rapid feedback when you make changes to your code — Garden uses the stack graph to rebuild and re-test only what’s needed. Run Garden directly from your CI pipeline to use the same tools and configuration when developing and testing.

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The stack graph

Say goodbye to complicated bash scripts, manual stepping through READMEs and other unstructured workflows.

With the stack graph, each part of your system fully codifies its dependencies, and how to build, test and deploy itself—in a consistent, structured manner.

Garden then compiles the graph from your specs, even across multiple repositories.

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Build, test and develop in a shared development cluster

Your development environment should be distributed, just like your system—and your laptop shouldn’t be a space heater. With Garden Enterprise*, you can develop as rapidly against remote clusters as you can locally!

No need for Docker or Kubernetes on your machine. Use any editor you like. Share a build cache and test results with the rest of your team, as well as your CI system. And your CI becomes trivial to set up.

*reach out for details

First-class support for Kubernetes and Helm

Garden supports and works alongside industry-standard tooling—while remaining decoupled and pluggable—so you don’t need to worry about lock-in, compatibility, or future-proofing.

Write code the way you want

Garden imposes no runtime libraries, gateways or production systems.

Simply configure your stack graph next to your code, and enjoy improved developer experience, quality and collaboration across your organization.

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