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developers should
spend their time
Use Garden to abstract away the tedious parts of cloud native
development. Accelerate your testing and delivery with
production-like environments and powerful workflows.
on demand,
whenever you need one
Cloud native developers need on-demand access to
production-like environments. But provisioning these
environments is a manual, time-consuming task for
DevOps teams.
With Garden, developers can spin up namespaced,
ephemeral environments for development, testing, and
troubleshooting–no help from DevOps required.
production-like environments
Fast integration testing
Fast integration testing
for feedback when it’s
actually helpful
Integration testing for microservices is notoriously hard,
and developers might spend hours (or even days)
waiting for feedback from slow testing pipelines.
With Garden, developers can easily run integration
tests from their namespaced environment with a single
command. And Garden’s stack-aware integration
testing means tests run up to 80% faster.
Stack Streams: real-time observability for developers
Debugging multi-service apps is painful for devs. There’s tons of data—traces, logs—but making sense of it so you can troubleshoot is a major headache.
Stack Streams is a dev tool that’s truly the first of its kind. It’s a unified view of logs, traces, and events across your entire stack—every build, task, test, and service. Stack Streams makes it easier than ever to fix issues and understand your application.
Stack streams
Remote development
No more local Docker
and Kubernetes.
Devs are often expected to run large, complex,
distributed applications on laptops. In the best case, it’s
annoying. In the worst case, it’s not even technically
Remote, in-cluster development powered by Garden
means devs will never again have to deploy a
distributed application (or run Docker and Kubernetes)
on their local machine. And Kubernetes hot reload gives
devs fast feedback loops, with fewer interruptions.
One configuration
for development
and CI. And no
more hacky
CI and development are usually treated as separate
worlds, leaving developers to patch together clumsy
secondary development setups with Docker Compose
or custom scripts.
With Garden, developers use the exact same workflows
and configuration for CI and development. CI failing?
Just run the exact same workflow from your
development environment instead of sitting around
and waiting.
Powerful templating
for governance at scale
Developers hate dealing with ops-heavy configuration
details, and larger teams need an easy way to manage
governance across complex projects. Garden’s powerful
templating framework takes care of both.
With Garden, operators can define custom abstractions,
template them, and roll them out to dev teams.
Developers stick to the specifics of their
applications—e.g. ports, hostnames, how to route to a
service—while the boilerplate is abstracted away.
Powerful templating
Configuration testing
Configuration testing
for systems that are more
than just their services
In the age of Infrastructure-as-Code, configuration
testing—testing your infrastructure and software in
conjunction—is essential.
Garden’s production-like environments enable proper
configuration testing, making it easy to spin up your
complete stack in a remote cluster. Apply org-wide
policies for applications and infrastructure, validate
Helm charts, and more.
Garden powers the full development environment at Luminovo - from building the containers, to deploying the configuration (and at the same time validating Helm charts), to running tests.
Tomas Ostasevicius
Tomas Ostasevicius
Software Engineer,
Centralized environment management
Automatic environment
cleanup (saves you money)
Automatically tear down unused environments
and get your infrastructure costs under control.
Delete Kubernetes namespace resources based on
inactivity or on a regular schedule you define.
governance and security
Integrate with your existing single sign-on (SSO)
and control access to environments. Store all of
your secrets in one place and scope them to
users and environments.
Secrets and user management
Hands-on support from start to finish
Hands-on support
from start to finish
We provide onboarding and support with SLAs,
and technical consulting is available if you need it.
We're here to make sure that you and your team
are successful with Garden from start to finish.
Turn your jungle of bash scripts
into a neatly kept
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