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Ephemeral K8s clusters make it easier than ever to onboard with Garden

Valerie Slaughter
Valerie Slaughter
October 24, 2023

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get up and running with Garden.

Because once you’re up and running, we know you’re going to see the magic of having one config to deploy your whole stack in dev, QA, and prod — eliminating configuration drift and enabling your devs to spin up production-like development environments and production-like CI environments with a single command or a click in our cloud UI.

You’ll see how our smart test and build caching accelerates your pipelines by 2-10x, not just in CI but also in the end-to-end tests your devs will be able to run before CI.

You’re inches away from that blissful nirvana of accelerated, portable pipelines. All you have to do… is get started.

Get started with ephemeral K8s clusters

If you’ve seen our world-famous Quickstart guide, you know that it there are three steps to getting started with Garden:

- Install Garden
- Run a local, supported flavor of Kubernetes 
- Deploy an example application

Now, it's only TWO steps:

- Install Garden
- Deploy an example application

Whether it's a company cluster or you just aren’t sure if it’s worth the trouble yet, you can now try out Garden without bringing your own Kubernetes cluster. You’ll be able to clone the quickstart repo that comes already configured to spin up a cluster and only run <span class="p-color-bg">garden login</span> and <span class="p-color-bg">garden deploy</span>.

You can configure it just like any Kubernetes cluster and run your entire application. In order to use it, you need to be logged into our snazzy web UI.

When you connect your project to an ephemeral cluster, you can skip connecting to your own K8s cluster.

Log in through the swanky cloud UI

Ready to get started? You’ll find all the information you need in our docs, as always, but did you know you can also get a customized onboarding experience through our beautiful cloud UI?(!)

All you need are two thumbs and a GitHub account (and honestly, you don’t even need the thumbs).

Bonus? You can see all your logs and statuses, stop and start syncs, and run any command that you can run in the CLI — in some cases, with more control and visibility than is possible in the CLI.

Get started →

Not ready? Try Garden in an interactive playground

Want to check out Garden without installing anything?

You can check out our Killercoda and Google Cloud Shell playgrounds. These tools allow you to open your browser and get instant access to a real Kubernetes environment ready to use. These environments are maintained remotely and accessed locally, hence no setup or huge resource usage in local browsers.

Just remember that they're temporary so you don't want to do any real work on them.

Start clicking around!→

Coming soon: Garden Desktop 😍

We’re also excited to announce early access to ✨Garden Desktop✨! Keep everything Garden-related in one place: No need to have multiple terminal windows open or search for the Garden Cloud tab in your sea of Chrome tabs. If it’s running in Garden, it’s one keystroke away.

Sign up for early access →

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